Grimsby Institute (The TEC Partnership)

Transforming lives through digital skills training

Forecasting demands from the new economy and delivering skills through digital education in a region where jobs are at special risk

The Grimsby Institute (a member of the TEC Partnership) specialises in digital skills transformation, readying young people locally for Higher Education and securing employment for those with low job prospects, in turn helping local and regional employers to thrive. Student outcomes and satisfaction are among the best in the country, digital learning is of exceptional quality and expertise is shared freely and widely with the rest of the sector. The college is a beacon for how learning technology can transform lives and life chances.

The TEC Partnership is a national leader in digital innovation in the education sector and comprises a number of colleges and educational establishments in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It is active in college-wide digital collaboration and is part of two brand new and ground-breaking Institutes of Technology. It uses expertise in digital technology to ensure no learner is left behind and actively levels the educational playing field for students facing socio-economic disadvantage.