How to participate

Formal invitations to enter Round 14 will be sent by email to the heads of institutions in late November 2020. The Entry Document with all essential information will be attached with the email.

We will ask for entries to be received by mid-May 2021 – a delay of about six weeks in the normal timetable. The Trust will carry out an independent and confidential process of assessment (with extensive reference to specialist, technical and official sources) from late May to late September 2021, when the final recommendations will be made. In the meantime, this section will give you an idea of the basic requirements and criteria in order to prepare to enter the next round.

Entry requirements

The process is straightforward and is open to all recognised UK colleges or universities offering a range of full-time courses and programmes.

Once you have identified a project or area of work which you feel addresses the criteria listed below, use the forms available on this page to create your entry and submit it to the email address shown.

To compete for a Queen’s Anniversary Prize, your entry can be in any subject, field or discipline. It must be evidence-based and persuade reviewers that:

  • It is of very high quality and an example of the best the UK can do in the particular field you have chosen
  • It is innovative or ground-breaking – and distinct from comparable work elsewhere
  • It brings specific benefits to your college or university, its educational activities, programmes and methods, and its standing
  • It delivers identifiable and verifiable public, scientific, educational and other practical benefits in the wider world

Entries must be submitted in the name of the head of the institution, who should sign the Application Form and the Summary Sheet.

Assessment process

Assessment of entries is undertaken by The Royal Anniversary Trust under a well-established and rigorous independent process.  This takes around six months.  Initial review is undertaken by a panel of over 300 readers, with a wide range of experience at senior and professional levels.  After referral to technical and specialist bodies and advisers, and to government departments in the UK countries, a shortlist is created and recommendations are made by the Awards Council of the Trust for the approval of HM The Queen.

Submitting your entry

PLEASE NOTE: The application form and summary sheet, and the requirements and criteria for the main narrative in the 14th round, will be available to download from this page once the round has been launched.