Dudley College of Technology

Advanced vocational education sparks a bright future

Providing a major contribution to the economy of the West Midlands through large-scale advanced vocational and technical education and apprenticeships.

In the past 12 years, Dudley College of Technology has played a critical role in shaping successful careers for many people in the West Midlands. Today, the College is the largest provider of apprenticeships in the area, with 4,000 trainees enrolled on its programmes. The College’s skills offer annually reaches over 5,000 young people, 3,000 apprentices and many more adults. The majority of these are on training courses linked with local enterprises, helping to transform the regional skills agenda and contributing to improved economic performance of the region.

The College’s performance has resulted in a number of exciting opportunities. It has recently invested £60m in new facilities across its seven campuses under its Advance I and Advance II initiatives, including a new-build Centre for Advanced Building Technologies. In addition, the College has recently made a successful bid to be included in the first wave of the government’s new Institutes of Technology. It continues to build on its role as a leader for the FE sector, providing a positive future for students and staff alike.