University of Glasgow

The Historical Thesaurus of English

Creating and publishing the Historical Thesaurus of English, a unique resource for scholarship, education and creativity.

The University of Glasgow has produced an unrivalled and unique resource which describes and comprehensively displays the development and usage of the English language in the English-speaking world over the last one thousand years.

The Thesaurus is the sum of five decades of work, with input from over 230 linguists and establishes the dates and sense of all 800,000 words in recorded English. The Thesaurus is organised to reveal the evolution of thought, the history of ideas and society and knowledge of the world. The first edition was published in 2009 and the work is now integrated online into the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Thesaurus, which is the most extensive of its type in the world, is an unparalleled resource in scholarship and linguistics – for students, cultural historians, creative writers and producers. The University reinvests royalties from the sale and use of the Thesaurus for the benefit of scholarships for students.