MidKent College

A model programme for customer service

The Frontline Service: training for customer service industries

MidKent College initiated its ‘Frontline Service’ programme to meet the needs of local businesses and charities for event management services and to provide students on its customer service programme with practical work experience. The model offers personal development training for students including for those who have previously underachieved, come from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are without significant academic qualifications.

The programme is designed to provide professional working experience where students interact with real customers and with people from all walks of life. In their smart uniform, ‘Frontliners’ act as reception staff, tour guides, stewards, couriers, general event staff and VIP escorts. The practical nature of the experience teaches the value of professionalism and students are able to deal with a wide range of customers, often in pressurised situations. The programme allows students to gain an important national qualification.

At the time of recognition by the Prizes scheme, the Frontline Service had established itself as a highly trained customer service team, running on a semi-commercial basis. Its reputation has resulted in considerable demand for its services from both local and national organisations. Students leave the programme with expertise and confidence and are highly employable.