Cranfield University

Experiential learning flies to new heights

Specialised and unique facilities to provide in-flight training for aero-engineering graduates from across the UK.

Since its formation in 1946, Cranfield University has been at the forefront of aerospace technology. The University’s education and research is enhanced by the National Flying Laboratory Centre (NFLC). A world-class facility, this brings together academics and technical specialists to deliver experiential learning for aerospace engineering graduates for over 20 UK universities.

With a rich heritage in aerospace, the University is looking to the future. The NFLC carries out innovative research into flight safety, such as spatial disorientation of pilots, and technology for integrating unmanned aerial vehicles in national airspace. Since 2001, it has hosted the annual Schools Aerospace Challenge, promoting the engagement of schools in the flight facilities.

Some 200 doctoral and 400 Masters level students are in training at any one time. Delivering world-class aerospace education enables the University to offer a unique education to tomorrow’s aerospace leaders and maintains its reputation for excellence in this field.