University of Liverpool 

Pioneering chemistry research for the benefit of society

Innovative chemistry research that harnesses strategic collaborations with global partners to revolutionise materials discovery and design, decarbonise industrial processes, develop more sustainable fast-moving consumer products, and drive forward advances in drugs for combatting HIV and neglected diseases. 

The University of Liverpool’s pioneering Department of Chemistry continually pushes forward the frontiers of chemical sciences to address current and future global challenges. The University harnesses strategic partnerships to develop new solutions that drive economic growth, co-develop new fast-moving consumer goods, accelerate the development of pharmaceuticals, create new processes and technologies to tackle antimicrobial resistance, and decarbonise industrial processes, thereby improving lives regionally, nationally and internationally.

The benefits of chemistry research and innovation at the University of Liverpool are felt on a global scale – from pioneering antimalarial drug discovery and materials automation, to developing one of the best-known methods for making nanoparticles. Their chemistry research has underpinned a new commercial manufacturing process for the sustainable production of methyl methacrylate and the development of nanomedicine for HIV and other diseases. Through the Centre for Materials Discovery and the Materials Innovation Factory, the University’s chemistry research has revolutionised the design-based discovery of a range of functional materials, changing how industrial and academic R&D teams around the world discover new materials for a variety of energy and related applications. Their knowledge leadership in chemistry research helps create and sustain an exceptionally skilled R&D workforce and world-leading industrial chemicals sector in North West England.

The University’s commitment to applying its research to support global chemistry education is exemplified through the development of ChemTube3D, an internationally renowned open educational resource that contains interactive 3D chemistry animations and structures for students studying advanced chemistry topics in schools and universities around the world.