The University of Manchester

Pioneering imaging techniques for advanced materials and manufacturing

New techniques in X-ray imaging of materials critical for power, transport and other key industries.

The University of Manchester’s world-leading imaging techniques give essential support to the UK’s strategic development in advanced materials and manufacturing. The safe and cost-effective use of advanced engineering is critical in both ensuring the UK remains competitive internationally and that new materials and manufacturing processes are safe.

Working with instrumentation experts in industrial and laboratory facilities in the UK and overseas, the University has increased understanding of many processes that were previously beyond comprehension. The University has been at the forefront internationally in developing new techniques for the 3D imaging of structures and defects in materials, and the mapping of residual stresses using X-rays and neutron beams.

Insights from the University’s work have revolutionised the understanding of how materials behave, providing unique data for design processes. The innovative work significantly impacts a range of sectors including nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, airport security, automotive, biomedical materials, manufacturing and defence. It produces wider benefits by transferring this knowledge and understanding into medical and life sciences, cultural heritage, palaeontology and food technology.