University of Glasgow

International research centre accelerating virology capability

Advanced virology research to combat diseases such as Hepatitis C and dengue, and leading expertise in the secure handling of samples and testing antivirals.

The MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) hosts a leading critical mass of international researchers entirely focused on the study of human viruses and viruses at the human-animal interface. The centre contributes to national virology capability, carries out fundamental research on viruses and viral diseases, and through partners translates the knowledge gained for the improvement of global health and benefit of society.

The CVR has established an international reputation for its innovative approaches to addressing fundamental challenges of relevance to any virus impacting health. The CVR’s size, breadth and depth of multidisciplinary expertise, and state-of-the art facilities, enable its researchers to address the challenges of known and novel viruses and viral diseases at a scale not easily replicated. Centre researchers apply a ‘molecules to populations’ approach to advance our understanding of the fundamental biology of viruses, how they emerge and move from animals to humans, enter and spread through communities and cause disease. The centre has deployed novel virus control strategies and developed facilities to accelerate antiviral drug discovery. The CVR has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 research response, demonstrating its ability to lead a rapid full-spectrum response to an emerging viral threat.