Coventry University

A road map to the future for automotive industry graduates

Innovative manufacturing and engineering education for the automotive industry - on the factory floor.

In the modern world of vehicle design, engineers with specialist skills are in constant demand. It is estimated that there is a need for an additional 1.8 million engineers by 2025. The University’s Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) plays a pivotal role in overcoming this challenge, developing capable graduates to address the skills shortage.

Located on the site of a leading international manufacturer, Unipart, the AME programme provides, a unique, real-world, working factory in an educational environment. This allows students to engage directly with a live manufacturing environment to gain practical experience as they study.

AME’s aspiration is to be among the leaders of the fourth industrial revolution. To do this, the programme collaborates with leading automotive companies to create innovative technology – such as powertrains, lightweight exhaust systems and clean energy solutions for the transport sector. These technology-based joint ventures bring substantial benefits for students, employers and the industry.