University of Aberdeen

Innovations in soil science to combat climate crisis

World-leading research and teaching in soil science, promoting the control of greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable food production.

Soil is at the heart of everything that we need on the planet: biodiversity, food production, managing the climate crisis, resourcing water and sustainable ecosystems. The University of Aberdeen’s internationally renowned soil scientists have been at the forefront of addressing challenges in these areas for the past 70 years and continue to provide new insights into the biological, physical, and chemical properties of soil ecosystems.

The university has developed state-of-the-art environmental models that deliver practical solutions to address the climate crisis. Innovations range from the development of tools which are used across the world to drive down greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, to changing guidance on dietary intake of rice in zones impacted by arsenic. The university’s scientists have designed and commercialised microbial biosensors for the assessment of soil pollution and have developed a rice crop capable of resisting both drought and disease. Solutions have been pioneered internationally to support food security through sustainable and local approaches involving indigenous communities.

The work of the university has changed practice, policy, and industry, directly benefitting the lives of millions. Thousands of students, academics and researchers from around the globe have been trained in the methods, application and interpretation of soil science approaches.