University of Leeds

Equipping communities against climate challenges

Research in climate and extreme weather, aiding vulnerable communities in the global south with new forecasting and warning systems.

Tropical communities are especially vulnerable to extreme weather, with droughts, storms and floods threatening vital resources such as food and water. Yet almost half of Africa’s population has no access to a weather forecast – insight that is crucial in day-to-day decisions and planning for the future. Research carried out by the University of Leeds into climate science and extreme weather is aiding communities in the global south with rapid forecasting and warning systems to help protect millions of lives and livelihoods.

Over the last 25 years, the University of Leeds has built a wealth of expertise in weather and climate science. Applying this to urgent issues of tropical weather systems and the global south has brought a step change in weather forecasting, providing warning systems to alert communities of imminent danger – including protection for forests, agriculture and health – alongside education programmes that build a new generation of climate experts.

The work is grounded in partnerships with local scientists, national weather services, government agencies and communities. These offer a genuine two-way exchange, where researchers work with those closest to the issues, whilst empowering vulnerable regions to build long-term capacity that responds to the critical climate challenges of tomorrow.