University of Huddersfield

Cutting-edge manufacturing providing smart solutions

Advanced metrology for smart and carbon-neutral manufacturing, product verification, digitalised processes and machining.

Advanced measurement in manufacturing (manufacturing metrology) is critical for manufacturing growth and productivity and underpins smart manufacturing across all sectors. In the UK, up to 20% of manufacturing cost, approximately £15 billion per annum, is concerned with product verification through advanced measurement.

The University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) is widely recognised as both a UK and world-leading centre for advanced manufacturing metrology, as demonstrated by large-scale research programmes, extensive industrial engagement, and far-reaching impact nationally and internationally. Its research over more than two decades has provided modern, cutting-edge measurement theory and technologies for dimensional and surface texture, machine performance and mathematics for measurement. The team takes an active leadership role in identifying UK future research priorities in the field, bringing together academic and industrial communities.

The CPT has worked with over 150 different industry partners and tackled prevalent problems faced by industry in the modern transition of manufacturing.  These include critical demands on measurement toolkits to facilitate mass personalisation of products, digitalised manufacturing value chains, right first-time fabrication, and zero waste and carbon neutrality. CPT has provided industry with many original and innovative technology solutions, provided training and measurement services and created a spin-out company to further commercialise emerging technologies.