University of Bradford

Building the future by rebuilding the past

Scientific techniques in archaeology revealing the story of major UK sites and enabling virtual rebuilding of heritage destroyed by conflict.

The University of Bradford has pioneered the development and deployment of new archaeological technology and techniques, influencing and shaping practice worldwide. It is expanding thinking and approaches, finding new ways to visualise landscapes and artefacts.

The work of the university is enabling the virtual rebuilding of heritage destroyed by conflict and informing the real-world rebuilding of heritage destroyed by natural disaster. In collaboration with humanitarian agencies, this heritage is being used to improve the quality of life and social cohesion of displaced peoples and helping to support administrative governance. The university is shaping teaching and ethical research, informing estate management, public understanding and encouraging economic activity related to heritage sites.

With a catalogue of globally significant discoveries at key sites such as Stonehenge and Sutton Hoo, the university’s work is reshaping fundamental knowledge, influencing government policy and enabling new narratives to be built. The university is changing the focus of archaeology from artefacts to people, shaping a narrative that enables connections for heritage to frame how we live today and into the future.