Bridgwater College

Energy Skills Centre at the heart of local business training

Skills training for local and regional businesses and a new role in the energy sector.

Bridgwater College has built a substantial reputation for high quality training through employer-engagement in the South West, a region of the UK with significant economic and employment challenges. The College embraced regional regeneration efforts by providing skills training for a wide range of multinational employers, initially in retail and services and subsequently in engineering.

The College set up the Energy Skills Centre in 2011, to provide bespoke facilities to support the national energy technology agenda and train a work-ready labour force for new employment sectors. The College was selected as the South West hub for the new National College for Nuclear with a new investment planned for Hinkley Point C. In partnership with Sellafield and EDF, the South, West hub would meet local, regional and national policy needs in this sector.

At the time of recognition by the Prizes scheme the College had attracted some £40m in private sector investment, including a substantial sum from EDF for their national training centre, with the potential to support training for an estimated 25,000 future jobs in the nuclear power industry. The work produced major benefits for young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them an opportunity to learn new skills and kick-start future careers.